Aging (Normal)

Aging NormalNormal aging is what a majority of the population is experiencing. It results from the progressive decline of the tools and nutrition your skin relies upon like growth factors, DNA health, circulation levels, the number of fibroblasts making collagen and elastin, certain stable oxygen molecules, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

It may surprise you to know that if/when the skin has these components, it reverses losses and repairs damage in an attempt to restore itself to whole.




Our Recommended Protocol (Choose Products for Accurate Pricing Using the Shop Products Button Above):

  • Cleanser – Purify or Cleanse
  • Growth Factor Serum – Stem Factor
  • Vitamin A Serum  – Relieve
  • DNA Repair Serum – Catalyst Plus + or Catalyst AC-11
  • Conditioner/Toner – Clear Plus +
  • Epidermal Repair Serum – Rescue

Consider consulting with your physician or Licensed Skincare Professional before embarking on a new treatment or skincare program. If you have any specific questions about these matters, consult a doctor or Licensed Skincare Professional for a diagnosis and customized treatment plan.