Hyperpigmentation (Internal)

HyperPigmantationInternalSimilar to age spots, liver spots and melasma are also protective responses from the skin. Underneath the brown color is inflammation and redness. However, this inflammation is from the liver. In order to treat the spots, you must heal the liver damage.

In many cases, the liver damage results from hormones related to birth control pills or pregnancy after age 30. We have found that the body will heal that liver damage if we provide it with a special ingredient called trioxolane.

Lightening the spots or trying to heal the inflammation from the surface can be hit or miss, but treatment requires healing the source.
Melasma is typically seen on the cheeks, forehead, and upper lip. However, it can appear anywhere on the face and is symmetrical (you see it on both sides of the face, generally in the same area), usually in large patches. Liver Spots – a second type of internally-derived hyperpigmentation are asymmetrical so you can see them anywhere on the face, in one or more locations, and may be very large patches of pigmentation.




Our Recommended Protocol (Choose Products for Accurate Pricing Using the Shop Products Button Above):

  • Internal Wellness – Restore
  • DNA Repair Serum – Catalyst Plus + or Catalyst AC-11
  • Sun Protection – Protect

Consider consulting with your physician or Licensed Skincare Professional before embarking on a new treatment or skincare program. If you have any specific questions about these matters, consult a doctor or Licensed Skincare Professional for a diagnosis and customized treatment plan.