Scarring is the result of intense trauma that results in an interruption of the wound healing process. In order to improve scarring we need to activate our zinc fingers which involves Catalyst and restore an improved immune system.

We can see as much as 50% improvement in scarring by simply rebooting the repair with components the skin may have been missing.






Our Recommended Protocol (Choose Products for Accurate Pricing Using the Shop Products Button Above):

  • DNA Repair Serum –Catalyst Plus + or Catalyst AC-11
  • Epidermal Repair Serum – Rescue
  • Conditioner/Toner – Clear Plus + (100 ML)

Consider consulting with your physician or Licensed Skincare Professional before embarking on a new treatment or skincare program. If you have any specific questions about these matters, consult a doctor or Licensed Skincare Professional for a diagnosis and customized treatment plan.